Hello everybody! I am Eldon Marcellus!

I am beginning Kustello.com with the intention of sharing my passions with others! What are my passions?

Firstly I love fantasy stories far and wide. I can’t even begin to count the number of hours I’ve invested in fantasy worlds such as the Elder Scrolls series, or in Japanese anime and manga. These days I spend far too much time on Wuxiaworld.com and similar sites. I’ve read so much that I think it is high time I start trying to write my own stories!

Secondly I am fascinated by controversial subjects and debates. Fortunately I don’t know everything, though sometimes I act like I do, and these topics present much room for my personal growth. I might very well be wrong in my opinions so please feel free to enlighten me if I am misunderstanding something. These topics quickly exhaust me though so I’ll probably only bring them up when one of them angers me.

Thirdly I adore cats! and jokes!

My intentions for Kustello.com might change over time but for now that’s that. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay here! If you do, please feel free to comment or share (and then I’ll love you too ;P)! Also, feel free to contact me at [email protected]! Thank you and have a good day!